Property salesYou want to sell your property, for the highest price
possible and as soon as reasonably possible.

CSV Makelaars does its utmost to keep the sales process stress-free for you, focusing on what you - the vendor - want. We guide you throughout the process, from the presentation of your property, via the viewings, up to and including negotiations and the ultimate sale. CSV Makelaars is committed to achieving the very best result possible for you and will use every resource at its disposal to help you complete your sale quickly.

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Sharing knowledge

Since CSV Makelaars was founded back in 2004, it has become an expert on the Amsterdam property market. We are pleased to share this expertise with you and also our expertise on valuations, financial transactions, national and municipal legislation and regulations, structural aspects and, of course, the procedures involved when selling your property. We explain everything you will need to take into consideration. CSV Makelaars: your property adviser, an estate agent that offers real added value.

The sales process

The sales process culminates with the signing of the contract of sale (including resolutive clauses). The buyer then has three days to decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase (this is a statutory three-day cooling off period). After this three-day period, it will only be possible to terminate the contract of sale on the basis of the resolutive conditions agreed on. For example, securing the finance required. If the buyer decides to proceed, the signed contract of sale and accompanying documents are sent to the civil-law notary. CSV Makelaars carefully guides this concluding part of the sales process too, in line with your instruction.

A smooth and pleasant sales process; that’s our aim. For each and every client. We set to work for you on the basis of the following step-by-step plan.

The search instruction

After you complete a search instruction, you will be able to rely on all of the benefits that our well- thought-out market approach has to offer. Alternatively, contact us to make an appointment.

STeP 1: the initial meeting

Survey of the residence and free advice at home

STeP 2: the sales proposal

Establishing the asking price and strategy

STeP 3: preparing your property for sale

Presenting your home, visually and in words

STeP4: viewings

Potential viewers come along to see your property

STeP 5: negotiations

Negotiations about the right price and the conditions of sale

STeP 6: preparing the contract of sale

Concluding the contract of sale

STeP 7: the civil-low notary

You’ve sold your property. Congratulations!


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Our estate agency - CSV Makelaars - was founded by Marc Crone, Ben Schepers and Lennaert Vellekoop in 2004. Today, we and our committed and enthusiastic team of professionals are pleased to advise clients on properties throughout the greater Amsterdam area.

We work hard to ensure that clients and the market at large see us as a reliable and honourable representative of the individual client’s interests. To do this, it’s vital that our property agency has a clear and consistent vision on the profession and provide proven added value to anyone wanting to buy or sell property in the Amsterdam market. Our excellent track record is invaluable, particularly as new clients generally come to us on the basis of recommendations from past and current clients. They are CSV Makelaars’ ambassadors and our great sales and purchase results wouldn’t be possible without them.

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