Buying a propertyYou are looking for your dream home in Amsterdam.
What’s the best way to go about it?

CSV Makelaars does everything it can to keep the buying process stress-free for you, focusing on your particular requirements and options. We guide you through the entire buying process, from finding out exactly what kind of property you have in mind, up to and including the finalisation of your purchase at the civil-law notary’s office. CSV Makelaars is committed to achieving the very best result possible for you and will use every resource at its disposal to help you achieve a successful and fast purchase.


An in-depth knowledge of the Amsterdam residential property market

It is very advisable to use the services of a professional estate agent when looking for and buying a property. You will need an estate agent that knows the area like the back of its hand and the Amsterdam property market inside out and can draw on an extensive network. This can mean the difference between buying the property that you’ve set your heart on and losing it to someone else, a situation that you could find yourself in time and time again.

A stress-free experience and support too

Our knowledge of the market enables us to help you avoid rash decisions. As you may already know or will find out, buying a property is an exciting, tense and intensive process. The initial selection of potential properties, your decision on which property to buy, negotiations and the ultimate purchase often present you with emotional and rational challenges. An estate agent can provide you with valuable support and keep the experience stress-free.

Do you know what are you looking for? We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. You could complete a search instruction too. We will advise you and identify your options. Once you have found your dream home, we will set to work to get it for you.

The search instruction

After you complete a search instruction, you will be able to rely on all of the benefits that our well- thought-out market approach has to offer. Alternatively, contact us to make an appointment.

Step 1: Introduction

We discuss your wishes and preferences and advise you on the possibilities

STEP 2: Potential listings

You will receive an overview with all available properties that match your search profile

STEP 3: Viewings

We plan the viewings for you, together with your CSV Broker. He advises you on the price, marketability and legal aspects of the houses.

STEP 4: Negotiation

Based on the strategy discussed in advance, we conduct the purchase negotiations for you.

STEP 5: Purchase agreement

We discuss the contract in detail, verify the agreements with the notary and guide you through this process.

STEP 6: Transfer

We guide you through the final inspection and transfer of the property at the notary.

Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?

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Our estate agency - CSV Makelaars - was founded by Marc Crone, Ben Schepers and Lennaert Vellekoop in 2004. Today, we and our committed and enthusiastic team of professionals are pleased to advise clients on properties throughout the greater Amsterdam area.

We work hard to ensure that clients and the market at large see us as a reliable and honourable representative of the individual client’s interests. To do this, it’s vital that our property agency has a clear and consistent vision on the profession and provide proven added value to anyone wanting to buy or sell property in the Amsterdam market. Our excellent track record is invaluable, particularly as new clients generally come to us on the basis of recommendations from past and current clients. They are CSV Makelaars’ ambassadors and our great sales and purchase results wouldn’t be possible without them.

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